Yuna Inspired

Effies award nominated. We followed the award winning Yuna when she was a relative unknown around Malaysia , UK and to New York on her adventure of a lifetime where she was signed up by the Fader.

Kyanite TV used its imagination and instead of creating a normal travelogue, it strived to do create a campaign that people would remember. Yuna Inspired was born with a song written by Yuna with a missing line in every verse. We invited her fans on facebook and twitter to inspire her with thousands of entries all over social media. Once she picked the winning lines in each song, we then filmed the music video. This was titled 'Memo' which has now got more than a few million views.

We then were invited to film her journey to New York where the minisodes were launched online on Youtube. We had Astro as a sponsor on the show where after it then broadcasted the minisodes on TV. Other sponsors like Digi and Canon and Malaysia Airlines were also invited to be part of this amazing campaign where we amplified it across different mediums and eventually a game online was created where the winners were rewarded with the address of The Secret Concert with Yuna.

It generated thousands of links on blogs and social media viral links and was one of the most successful 360 campaigns activated in Malaysia.

Director : Jojo Struys

Executive Producer: Michael Lim