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“Letting Go” with Jojo Struys is an empowering travelogue that uncovers uniquely cultural ways people destress around Asia. Celebrity & TV personality, Columnist and Relaxation Guru, Jojo Struys, will take viewers on a personal journey with her to unearth the multitude of ways people let go of stress and tension in their daily lives. The show aims to exhilarate as much as it relaxes, educates and inspires audiences to live healthier, more energized lives with a diverse plethora of content ranging from activities featuring the mind (therapeutic relaxation), body (physical activity/adrenaline), and nutrition (healthy cultural dishes or power ingredients).


Each episode begins with an overview of the country Jojo will visit on her trip. During her journey, she will unearth the multitude of ways people let go of stress and tension in their daily lives.

She will learn more about various techniques and ways to live a healthier lifestyle in their country.

As Jojo travels around the different countries in Asia, she will also spend time with locals & health experts to learn the healthier way of life they adopt in their culture.

Broadcasted on Mediacorp and also GO Asean, TVB8 and MNC Indonesia along with Singapore Airlines and the Middle East Territory.

Executive Producer/ Director - Michael Lim

Catch "
Letting Go with Jojo Struys" on Go ASEAN, Channel 737 on Astro (Every Saturday @ 8:30pm), Mediacorp Singapore, MNC Indonesia, Singapore Airlines (Global) and TVB 8 (Dubbed in Mandarin across Asia Pacific)

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