Happy Ending

We were engaged by GO Asean as a commission to follow the BIGGEST Comedian in South East Asia , Papi Zak and an equally funny TV host Razif Hashim as they travel around the Asean countries, immersing themselves in various cultures by joining in activities loved by locals, trying out unique foods, and finding out what makes the locals happy! It was lots of high end travel footages curated with a strong directional narrative that made a lot of viewers happy! Award Nominated and presented by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Happy Endings Destinations/Comedy

Happy Endings is an adventure through the eyes of TWO comedic hosts (Papi Zak, Razif Hashim) as they immerse themselves in the sights, smells, sounds and culture of 10 ASEAN countries.

Through their journey, they will experience different places, cultures, unique local guests and of course, amazing food. Don't miss their happy and heart-warming adventures together through spontaneous acts and "laugh out loud" moments as they spread genuine smiles and laughter on their travels.

Executive Producer /Director -Michael Lim

Director -Han Wei Ming

Director Corinne Adrienne

Broadcasted on Go Asean and on TonTon Media Prima Digital Channels.