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We have made our footprint in the industry of Conceptual and Visual Production in Asia since 2006. Keeping ahead of time, we have recently dived into the immersive innovation of Virtual Reality (VR). Hence, we pride ourselves in creating fresh, out of the box integrated content, which offers you a solution that utilizes digital and conventional media.

We are a leading production and MSC status company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As of to-date, we have been working with various International TV Channels, Broadcasters, Co-production companies and Advertisers around the world. We have created Original Programming content for local and global markets, logistics and fixing partner, raising investment across sponsors, government initiatives, distributed and providing cohesive solutions for brands and virtual reality platforms; producing TV commercials, online capsules as well as corporate videos.

Our team's background spans across areas of Content Production, Scriptwriting, Directing, Advertising, PR, Activation, Camera Tech Specialists, After Effects Specialists, Film Production,  Technology, Interactive Media, Design, 3D Animation and Audio specialists.







Original Programming

Kyanite TV specialises in generating original concepts for both local advertisers and brands, to co-production opportunities with independent producers or production houses , to broadcasters and develop a robust business model by assisting in rasing funds and executing the project from start to finish including working with the distributors.

Having mastered the skills, strength and knowledge of a conventional production house but with an eye for creating impactful content through cutting-edge-technology, we are your perfect collaborator to influence and capture the market, users, viewers, partners and buyers regardless of the format.
We will assist you in the sphere of ideation, conceptualization, research, strategies and the positioning of powerful visual content such as videos, TVCs, microfilms, capsules, trailers and teasers.
Taking your grand plan a step further, we will propose suitable and effective tools and devices such as conventional media, social media integration, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
Our team is equipped with the skills to market, promote and recruit influencers. Thus includes celebrities, sucessful entreprenuers and athletes to take your brand to the next level. We practice 360 branding to fully equip your brand in marketing and promotional campaigns.